Since we launched in early September, we received applications from locals in amazing cities such as Amsterdam 🇳🇱, Athens 🇬🇷, Berlin 🇩🇪, Madrid 🇪🇸 and Paris 🇫🇷. These cities are popular destinations for a reason of course and we love them.

Our new member Katia from Minsk

But to be very honest we’re extra proud and thrilled to now have Urban Crabs members in the capitals of Belarus (Katia from Minsk) and Armenia (Arpi & Vahagn from Yerevan).

Ever since we launched our previous social business (Spotted by Locals) in 2008 we’ve been on a mission to promote less-known destinations, especially around Europe. To spread visitors, to help local economies that can often use some extra help, and to open people’s eyes for other cultures. Have you even been to the capital of Moldova (Chisinau) or Kosovo (Prishtina)? Well, that’s why!

Sanne & Bart in Yerevan (2018)

For many people, especially in these “less obvious” destinations, travel to and accommodation in (what is stupidly called) “more developed” countries is often very expensive. With The Society of Home Office Swappers we make it affordable for more people to travel and live in a different culture for a while. If you swap your home on Urban Crabs, your accommodation is free. We also charge no membership fee, and as a member you pay what you can.

Our new member Vahagn from Yerevan

Do you live in a cool lesser-know big European city, or do you know people there? It would be wonderful if you can spread the word, or apply here to join us.