FAQs launch party Athens

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up for the launch party on this page.

What’s the program?

Basically, 24 hours of fun and getting to know fellow pioneer Urban Crabs!

Friday 17 November (18:00 – 23:00)
Welcome drinks & Greek dinner with traditional music (center of Athens)

Saturday 18 November (11:00 – 18:00)
After a brunch we will do a 60 minute “promote Urban Crabs drive“. Then we’ll discover Athens like a local, and finish with drinks in the park with an amazing view of the city!

We expect you to be present at all the above-mentioned events. You are free (not) to join ad-hoc events before and after the “official” program that will surely be organised by others who will be coming to Athens.

We will announce all details in a private online community for participants (we’ll invite you after you sign up for the launch party).

Who’s paying?

Urban Crabs will pay for all program activities. We expect you to pay for accommodation and transport to and from Athens.

What’s the “promote Urban Crabs drive”?

This is a 60-minute event after the brunch. After a short intro by Sanne & Bart we will all take out our mobile phones or laptops, join the WiFi and invite friends who we think would be great Urban Crabs members. With your help we hope to get a big boost in members that you – our founding members – trust.

Not joining the weekend? You can tune in from anywhere and help! You will get instructions when you signed up for the newsletter.

Can I take a friend?

If you were invited by Sanne & Bart, it would be amazing if you can invite one or a few friends who you think would be great society members to join us in Athens. Please direct your friends to the “Launch party Athens” page to sign up!

Only those who received a personal (not the automatic) confirmation from Sanne & Bart after signing up can join the launch party. Didn’t receive it? Contact Sanne & Bart via hi@urbancrabs.com.

Not bringing friends? Most people won’t! We guarantee that you will make new friends in seconds. We’ve organised four big Spotted by Locals weekends and know how to connect people…

Can I take my partner to Athens?

When we launch in September, only one person per “home” can become a member of the Society of Home Office Swappers. Also, we have very limited space.

Therefore, only one person per household can become a member and join us in Athens. Were you invited, but would you prefer to send your partner instead of you? Contact Sanne & Bart via hi@urbancrabs.com first please so we know what to expect when we receive your application 🙂

Does your partner live in one of our cities, but not in the same house? Please take them 🙂 They will need to sign up to join the launch party separately.

How many people will join?

Now (5 September 2023) – just a few days after our launch – 35 people from 15 European countries have already signed up to join the launch party 🤩. From mid September (by then we hop everybody who signed up has become a member) we will start posting the list of participants. We could stop accepting new submissions at any time. So sign up now 🙂

What’s the deadline for applying?

The deadline for applying is now set for 17 October 2023 (1 month before the start). But we could stop accepting new submissions at any time. So sign up now 🙂

I can’t join, but I want to know more!

Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date. You can always unsubscribe.

Can I join if I don’t become a member?

To join the launch party you will need to be a member of Urban Crabs. Membership is free. And of course you can quit anytime you don’t like being a member anymore. Apply here to become a member.

Do you have accommodation suggestions?

The activities will probably all be around the center of Athens. Nice, central and not too touristy areas where some activities will be close to include Koukaki, Petralona (where Sanne & Bart live) and Thissio. But actually we could recommend all of the (pretty compact) center, except the area around Omonia square (which is not so nice at night – lots of addicts, nothing unsafe though). Plaka is beautiful but touristy and overpriced, Monastiraki & Psirri are super central but becoming Disneyland-like commercial & touristy.