Who can become a member?

Anyone with a home in one of our cities, and who agrees to do at least 1 swap a year, can apply to become a member of the Society of Home Office Swappers.

What if I’m not a global nomad / hybrid worker?
The majority of Urban Crabs are fortunate to be able to live and work wherever they want, either as an employee or as an entrepreneur / freelancer. But this is not a requirement! Not working or enjoying a long sabbatical or retirement? As long as you have the Urban Crabs spirit, we’d love to welcome you as a member.

What if I have a shared bathroom / kitchen / workspace?
That is no problem at all, just make it very clear in your listing.

What if I don’t have an Internet connection or workstation in my home?
All member homes need to have a good Internet connection and a place to work. This definitely doesn’t need to be a separate “office” – most members have small homes!