Who’s behind Urban Crabs?

First of all: our members! They are the most important people behind the Society of Home Office Swappers.

Urban Crabs was founded by married couple Sanne & Bart van Poll. Since launching Spotted by Locals in 2008 they’ve been social entrepreneurs and global nomads. Sanne & Bart live in Athens πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· & Amsterdam πŸ‡³πŸ‡± when they’re not traveling to meet Urban Crabs around Europe. Read more about Sanne, or Bart.

Is there an Urban Crabs app?

Not at this moment. Our website is fully functional on mobile devices. Not having an app saves us a lot of money, and makes us less dependent on tech giants like Alphabet and Apple.

Is Urban Crabs a for-profit business?

Like the previous business owners Sanne & Bart ran for 13 years (Spotted by Locals), Urban Crabs is a social business not financed by outside investors. We’ve always operated on a shoestring budget. Our owners don’t care much about money and live a low budget life. Our members pay what they can.

That doesn’t mean we’re against making money though! The more money we have, the faster we can grow our community and our impact. But we will always choose social impact over short-term profit.