After our launch 2 weeks ago we got so much amazing feedback! One of the most-often voiced concerns was “I would love to become a member, but unfortunately I don’t think I can because I’m not a hybrid / remote worker!”

We obviously did not communicate this well enough. Yes you can join!

We think the “heavy users” of The Society of Home Office Swappers will be members who can do their work from anywhere, at least some time of the year.

But even if you cannot work during a swap, you’re very welcome to join Urban Crabs to swap your home (and home workplace) during a long or short holiday. You are free to take your laptop, but we won’t check if you actually use it to get some work done 😉.

Membership is free. Our only requirement is that you swap at least once a year, to make sure that our community has only active members. Apply here!

More FAQ’s & questions here