A hermit crab with a crabby home (by Nick Collins)

It’s usually difficult to come up with a good name for a new start-up. First of all we think it should be short and snappy. Secondly (we think) the .com domain should be available. And thirdly, the name should make sense. We were surprised that one of the first names we came up ticked all 3 boxes!

But we understand you may be wondering about the 3rd criterion: why “crabs”? Does it make sense?

Yes! Did you know crabs (well, only hermit crabs) swap their “homes”? We could keep watching this lovely short BBC earth film narrated by David Attenborough over and over…

And “Urban”? Yes, we only accept members who live in big European Cities.

Crappy (crabby) name? Well, better get used to it!